Our Students

Who They Are

Brainfood draws high school students from all eight Wards of the District. Current students in the 2014-2015 class attend Cardozo, McKinley Tech, Wilson, Banneker, School Without Walls, Phelps ACE, Coolidge, and Bell Multicultural in Washington, DC, but all high school students in the DC area may apply to Brainfood programs.


Youth that participate in Brainfood gain experience working with their peers, contributing to community organizations, practicing employability assets, and developing confidence in their cooking and leadership skills. Our program also empowers youth to make informed decisions about health and nutrition. Some Brainfood graduates have also gone on to culinary schools such as CIA and Johnson and Wales.

How To Join

Brainfood programs are open to all high school students who demonstrate a desire to learn, a sense of adventure, and a love of food. Students commit to Brainfood Kitchen All Stars and Brainfood Community MVPs for an entire school year or the Brainfood Summer Institute for five weeks over the summer.

For more information or to apply, please contact Carina Gervacio at (202) 615-9250