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The Rising Tigers Camp Begins

Submitted by Brainfood intern, Greer McBeth

The summer is off to a great start here at Brainfood.  The Summer Institute program and Box Project are in their second week after enjoying a long 4th of July weekend, but the Rising Tigers summer camp in Takoma Park, MD is in full swing at the end of its third week!  Though it’s only brainfood’s second year at the camp, this year’s group of 11 to 14 year olds is as eager and experienced in the kitchen as ever.

The camp kicked off the first week with a baking day which included granola bars, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, apple oatmeal muffins, and some fresh herb lemonade to top it all off.  Naturally, this was a very popular week.  Week two introduced the rising tigers to quick healthy snack ideas as the class period was cut a little bit short so campers could have the fourth of July off to celebrate.   This entailed some popcorn trail mix with nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit as well as quesadilla making and a fresh fruit salad.  

KAS Graduation Day!

Written by Kitchen All Stars Intern Lauryn Woodruff


Do you remember when you graduated? My own graduation from college was just two weeks ago and the memory is still fresh in my mind. When I think of graduations, I think of long speeches, taking what seems like a million and one photos, and a sea of robes. The Kitchen All Stars graduation was nothing like that.

Change Makers in the Food System

What do food and justice have to do with one another?  Well, according to Brainfood Kitchen All Star participants, both are necessary to live, both are things every human should have a right to and both are things that we deal with on a day to day basis. 

Because She Makes Me Laugh

Written by Chelsea Samms

Brainfood MVPs Intern


They say, “You never know what you’ve got until its gone,” and this came to mind last week as I thought about the absence of all the MVP’s vibrant faces. I spent all 
last week counting down the days until the MVPs would return from their spring break. Before class on Tuesday, I got antsy just hearing them walk down the
hallway to the kitchen.  I greeted all the students with a huge smile and made sure they knew how much I missed them.


Shout Out to George Washington Carver!

Written by: Chelsea Samms, Community MVPs Intern 

Many of us have grown up on that savory, filling, basic lunch sandwich, called peanut butter and jelly. Whether you preferred chunky peanut butter over smooth, strawberry jelly over grape, or the crust cut off as opposed to on, it was a meal that you could never go wrong with as a child. Even as adults, some still enjoy a good old fashion PB&J sandwich to hold them over throughout the day or as a quick snack before bed.

However, have you ever sat down and wondered where peanut butter came from? Who took the time to experiment with peanuts and come up with all of its versatile uses? He or she must’ve been a genius! 

New Beginnings

Submitted by Intern Lauryn Woodruff

The fact that it is the end of January gives me a full mix of emotions. While I am sad that the holidays are over, I am excited to be back in class especially after this crazy weather here in the District. I look forward to what the remainder of this year will bring.


Seasons Greetings!

 This past Wednesday five different Brainfood classes came together to put on their very first special event of the school year – Brainfood Holiday Celebration!  

Leading up to the event participants worked hard to prepare food for 130 guests to ease preparations the day of the event.

Learning Alongside Brainfood Participants

Written by Progam Intern, Lauryn Woodruff...
Hello Brainfoodies!
Lauryn here, intern at Brainfood Chinatown location, reporting for duty!
It’s November already and fall is in full swing. That means time for raking leaves, making apple cider, carving pumpkins, and getting ready for the holidays.…..

News From the Garden!

 Written by: Michele Holzhauser, Garden Intern

Looking Back at Brainfood: A Reflection

By Summer Institute Intern Hannah Johnston

       As I sit down to write a reflection on my time as an intern at Brainfood, I can barely believe that the summer has flown by so quickly. A large part of the joy I found during my internship was the way in which I was adopted so whole-heartedly into the Brainfood family. I was supported and encouraged every step of the way by a wonderful staff; Brainfood has been an ideal environment in which to grow and learn. From the detailed orientation to the regularly scheduled check-ins to the careful instructions provided at the start of each new task, Brainfood has taken care of me as an intern. Indeed, the emphasis placed on the importance of the interns’ work and experience at the organization has given me a taste of the self-confidence and sense of ownership over work that Brainfood does its best to instill in its students. 
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