Five Magical Moments from Kitchen All Stars Graduation

Here at Brainfood, Kitchen All Stars staff are still not quite able to believe that the after-school program year is really over. While we're staying busy entering survey data, finalizing attendance documents, and diving into summer recruitment, we certainly do miss our awesome  Kitchen All Stars youth participants! When we find ourselves in those nostalgic moments, wishing we were heading down to the kitchen for class, it helps to reminisce about some highlights of our recent graduation celebration. We thought we'd share a few of those rosy memories with all of you!

Five Magical Moments from Kitchen All Stars Graduation

1. Students mastering the portable burners

When the Chef's Challenge competition first starts, many students are hesistant about using these portable burners and wish they were working in a "normal" kitchen. However, they quickly become pros, and it's fantastic to see them adapt to a new situation with such resilience.

2. ....while others load up the buffet with massive amounts of food

You know it's KAS Graduation when we make Caesar salad for hundreds and it still all gets eaten! Our students have become pros at cooking for a crowd, and they prepped scaled up versions of their favorite recipes quickly and easily.

3. Teams present to the Chef's Challenge Judges Panel

It's wonderful  to see our students share their creations with the judges panel, taking so much pride in what they've made and speaking about their ingredients, techniques, and process with such confidence. They come up with some pretty creative names for their dishes, too -- highlights this year included Sleeping Fish and Purple Dream.

4....while volunters keep time!

We can count on our Weekly Classroom Assisant to be standing by, iPhone in hand, ready to keep students and judges on track with our tightly timed presentation slots. They take this role seriously and serve as timekeepers with zeal and precision!

5. And of course, our happy graduates posing as a class!

Whether serious or silly, these moments show the warmth and joy that our KAS students shine with on their last day of the program. These shots never stop making us smile!


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