A Food Waste Documentary Review

This blog was written by JaNeya Lee, DC Career Connections Intern and member of the Brainfood Homegrown and Brainfood Summer Institute teams

For class this past Thursday, we decided that we would watch  a food waste documentary called Just Eat It.When I first saw the title I thought that it was about saving on food that you would buy but not eat until it was pass the date. I was wrong about the movie it was a great movie because a couple did an experiment for 6 months. The couple soon found out that grocery stores will give you food that is considered ugly or close to thesell by date or use by. They went shopping in dumpsters outside of a grocery store and found that grocery stores throw out food that is still good and still in their packages. I learned that the sell by date is communication between the seller and the store to sell something by and the use by date/best by date means best quality of that food. After this movie  I have a new look at food because now I know that I should eat what is in my fridge instead of going out to eat something else. Also I should buy what I need not what I want.

**Image retrived from http://www.foodwastemovie.com/


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